Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica Awarded Distinction of Honour by the Nepal Institute for Cooperation and Engagement

Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica Awarded Distinction of Honour by the Nepal Institute for Cooperation and Engagement

Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica, President and Founder of the Romanian Institute for Europe-Asia Studies (IRSEA), has been awarded a Distinction of Honour in recognition of his enlightening remarks during the 2021 Global Conclave of the Nepal Institute for Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE).

The distinction comes following a fruitful cooperation between IRSEA and NIICE, as the two think-tanks have partnered up to co-organise the 2021 Global Conclave, an event which reunited 220 professionals and academics from 41 countries, exchanging views on the fast changing geo-politics of Asia and its role in the global community.

As a key-note speaker during the event, Ambassador (p) Savuica showcased ASEAN’s current significance as not only a model of regional development, but, similarly, the perfect conceptual embodiment of Soft-Power in the Indo-Pacific. In this regard, Ambassador (p) Savuica stressed on ASEAN’s continuous development epitomized by the “ASEAN Community” and the value of the “ASEAN Way” as synergy of UN Charter’s principles of sovereignty and non-interference, on one hand, and the Asian consensualist views (“Musyawarah”), on the other. In the light of ASEAN’s Centrality in SE Asia and the Indo-Pacific, Ambassador (p) Savuica elaborated on the role of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) as single and fully inclusive venue of addressing regional and global political and security issues, able to include all the relevant parties and benefiting the worldwide-recognized status of viable instrument of consensus.

During his speech, Ambassador Savuica commended the existing EU-ASEAN partnership and the robust contribution of Romania to the continuous strenghtening of the multilateral relations with the regional organisation. On a similar note, IRSEA’s President and Founder expressed his views on the momentous mutual approach and attitude between Romania and ASEAN as solid ground for diversifying and adding value to the links with the Association by initiating direct projects of cooperation in the ambit of Romania-ASEAN relations.

A life-long advocate of the Europe-Asia relations, Ambassador (p) Savuica is one of Romania's longest serving career diplomats, former Head of the Mission to Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Philippines and former Director-General of the Asia-Pacific, Near and Middle East, Africa and Latin America Department of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. H.E. Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuicaauthored multiple edited volumes and op-eds. As one of Romania’s most authoritative voices in the field of Diplomacy, Ambassador (p) Savuica was awarded the “Grigore Gafencu” Prize by the Academy of Romanian Scientists. After his retirement, Ambassador (p) Savuica established IRSEA as a source of inspiration and formative institution for scholars and practitioners of International Affairs dedicated to a more robust cooperation between Europe and Asia.

Among the key-note speakers at the event figured the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, Dinesh Gunawardena, Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Former Minister and Indian Emissary to the G20 & G7, Dr. Abdulla Rasheed Ahmed, Minister of State for Education, Maldives and Prof. Dr. Taniguchi Tomohiko, Professor at Keio University and Special Adviser to PM Shinzo Abe (retd.)

The event received a wide media coverage in the European Union (here and here), Nepal (here and here), India (here and here) and Sri Lanka (here).