IRSEA Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Romanian-American University

IRSEA Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Romanian-American University

On February 22nd, 2023, the Romanian Institute for Europe-Asia Studies (IRSEA), represented by its Founding President,H.E. Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Romanian-American University(RAU) in Bucharest, one of the most reputable private universities in Romania. Romanian-American University has been represented by its Rector, Prof. Habil. Costel Negricea, PhD.

The MoU signing ceremony followed fruitful discussions on the new partnership and the ways to implement it between Ambassador (p) Savuica and RAU’s Rector, Prof. Habil. Costel Negricea, PhD, with the participation of Prof. Tudor Edu, PhD, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, Innovation and Internationalization, Lect. Iuliu Ivănescu, PhD, Dean of the School of International Business and Lect. Lucian Botea, PhD. During the discussions, Ambassador Savuica has also recalled his very productive discussions with Lect. Radu Zaharia, PhD, also a member of RAU’s Faculty.

Ambassador (p) Savuica has also accepted RAU’s proposal to support the establishment of the University’s new postgraduate programme in International Economic Relations & European Union Studies and become part of the Advisory Board of the Faculty.

Rector Prof. Habil. Costel Negricea, PhD, explained that the programme is designed as a merger between the fields of International Affairs and Economic Diplomacy, with a particular emphasis on the specifics of the European Union. During the programme, the postgraduate students will become acquainted with the most significant current social and economic matters at regional level, thus acquiring the necessary knowledge to face the on-going complex global challenges. The programme will also provide its students with a series of transversal skills, such as critical thinking, communication skills, problem-solving under stress as well as crisis management and negotiation.

According to Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica and Rector Prof. Habil. Costel Negricea, PhD, IRSEA and RAUlook forward to strengthening relations and jointly implement common projects in all the areas adjacent to their scope of activity.

RAU's Rector, Dr. Costel Negricea is a Professor with a consistent academic, research and marketing consultancy expertise. Prof. Negricea holds a PhD in Marketing acquired in 2010 and he is habilitated in Marketing since 2019. Currently, Negricea is a full Professor of Marketing in the Department of Management-Marketing within the School of Management-Marketing, Romanian-American University. His areas of expertise are “Strategic marketing”, “Digital marketing”, “Marketing research”, “Consumer behavior”, “Marketing and educational management” and "Entrepreneurship”.

Negricea has authored or co-authored over 100 scientific publications (books, articles, and research papers) and is a member of the research team in 11 research projects, funded by the social and business environment or government programs. He has over 15 years of experience in management and marketing.

IRSEA’s current partner, The Romanian-American University (RAU), is one of Romania's top private universities, part of the national system of education, established in 1991, having received the qualification “High confidence rating” from the Romanian university rating authority (ARACIS, 2010).

The university aims to offer high quality education and research, in an intellectually stimulating environment, both for students and for the academics. The initiative of the establishment of the Romanian-American University belonged to the late Prof. Ion Smedescu, Ph.D., founder of the Romanian-American University and president of the Romanian-American Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture. According to the university's founder, “The University was set up having as a purpose the promotion of the educational values of the American higher education, against the background of the rich traditions of the Romanian education. In accomplishing this desideratum, the starting point was that in the United States of America higher education stands on the model of the behavior-driven American society based on the efficient organization of activity, resilient sense of duty, the cultivation of work spirit, self-respect and respect for the others, fair competition throughout one’s lifetime, competition with all the others and, last but not least, with oneself”.