IRSEA's President and Founder, H.E. Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica, Delivers Interactive Lecture on „Applied Diplomacy”

IRSEA's President and Founder, H.E. Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica, Delivers Interactive Lecture on „Applied Diplomacy”

On March 29, 2022, as result of the excellent cooperation so happily existing between The Romanian Institute for Europe-Asia Studies (IRSEA) and the Faculty of International Business and Economics (REI), Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), H.E. Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica continued “IRSEA’s Diplomatic Training Programme”, initiated in 2009. This year, the programme comprised of an interactive course on “Applied Diplomacy” taught to to the postgraduate students of ASE pursuing a master degree in “Economic Diplomacy”.

The course has been organised with the precious support of Prof. Anca Ilie, PhD, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of International Business and Economics (REI) of ASE. One of the most prominent figures in the Romanian academia, Prof. Dr. Anca Ilie’s commitment and dedication to promoting the excellent Europe-Asia relations have gone a long way into raising awareness on Asia’s role in the global community, in general, and ASEAN’s constant growth and consolidation as a regional organisation, in particular.

Aiming to facilitate the Europe-Asia interaction and creating the premises for a meaningful dialogue, IRSEA has organised multiple Diplomatic Training sessions starting by 2009. The programme provides a set of practice-oriented skills meant to train and inspire the postgraduates to perform more effectively in international environments, such as diplomatic, corporate or academic, particularly in a European or Asian cultural setting.

The course is addressed to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as junior professionals willing to learn more about diplomacy not only as a profession, but also a vocation and manner of interacting with partners and peers.

According to the course instructor, Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica, the work of the 21st century state diplomatic corps remains paramount to bridge-building, peace and security. Yet, diplomacy is also practiced by multiple non-state actors and individuals, including corporations, academia, think-tank activists and analysts. Diplomacy today has been democratized as a transprofessional vocation.

Following the trend of the times, “IRSEA’s Diplomatic Training Programme” aims to equip each of the course participants with the set of skills required for diplomacy as transprofessional ability in today and tomorrow’s world, as well as with the confidence on which to build a successful international career.

In a friendly and warm atmosphere, the Ambassador and the students entered into a lively exchange of views during the Q&A session. While the students highly appreciated to Ambassador Savuica’s opennes and transparency, IRSEA’s President & Founder congratulated all the participants for their interest and pertinent questions.

Participants have been awarded with a Certificate in Diplomatic Practice issued by IRSEA. At the same time, Ambassador Savuica assured all the participants of his best wishes in their future endeavours.

The face-to-face learning sessions have been conducted since 2009 by IRSEA's Founder and President, H.E. Ambassador (p) Gheorghe Savuica, one of Romania's longest serving career diplomats, former Ambassador to Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Philippines and former Director-General of the Asia-Pacific, Near and Middle East, Africa and Latin America Department of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you or your institution would like to take part in a future IRSEA Diplomatic Training Programme or would like to talk to us about tailoring the Programme's curriculum according to your institutional needs, please send us an e-mail to