IRSEA Mourns the Demise of its Honorary Member, Career Diplomat and Ambassador, Nicolae Ecobescu

IRSEA Mourns the Demise of its Honorary Member, Career Diplomat and Ambassador, Nicolae Ecobescu

The Romanian Institute for Europe-Asia Studies mourns the tragic demise of its Honorary Member, the career diplomat, scholar and Ambassador Nicolae Ecobescu, after six decades of remarkable activity in the Romanian Diplomacy and Academia, in which he stood as his country’s foremost specialist in Diplomacy, Human Rights and Disarmament.

Along His Excellency’s outstanding career, Ambassador Nicolae Ecobescu was member of the Romanian Delegation at eight sessions of the UN General Assembly (1959-1971), permanent representative of Romania at the European Office of the UN, (1963-1969), Head of the Romanian Delegation in the Committee of 18 States for Disarmament (1967-1969); Deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1969-1973), Head of the State Protocol of Romania (1973-1983) and Ambassador of Romania to the Hellenic Republic (1983-1990).

A veteran scholar in the field of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ecobescu was the Director of Studies of the Romanian Institute of International Studies - IRSI (1992-2005), Director and Editor of IRSI - Romanian Journal of International Affairs (1995-2005) and represented Romania in the Board of Directors of the International Center for Black Sea Studies (Athens, 1998-2003), where he stood as President.

A most prolific author, Ambassador Nicolae Ecobescu wrote numerous scholarly articles and edited volumes in the field of international diplomacy, human rights and disarmement. His Excellency coordinated and edited a prodigious series of 13 volumes titled "Romania: Survival and Asseveration Through Diplomacy in the Cold War Years", a testimony of Romania’s outstanding diplomatic achievements during the Cold War.

By a deeply painful circumstance, Ambassador Nicolae Ecobescu's demise took place at the 160th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Foreign State Affairs of the Romanian Principalities, an event that marks the cornerstone of modern Romanian diplomacy, in which Ambassador Ecobescu has certainly earned a unique and unmistakable place through his monumental achievements, deep patriotic feelings and outstanding responsibility.

His memory, distinguished character, humanity and elegance will undoubtedly continue to represent a generous impetus for the Romanian diplomatic environment to carry forward the cause of Romania's advancement in a changing and increasingly complex world.

Ambassador Nicolae Ecobescu will live in the memory of all his colleagues and friends as an inspiring diplomat and leader, a most conducive colleague and a charming and dedicated friend.